Study Guide

Water for Elephants Chapter 13

By Sara Gruen

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Chapter 13

  • Jacob is back in the nursing home again. A nurse is annoying him (surprise surprise). He wants to try to walk, but she says he should use the wheelchair.
  • She leaves him at a nearby window and refuses to hand him his walking aid. And in more shocking news, they argue.
  • Finally, his favorite nurse, Rosemary, intercedes and insists that he get the aid. The other nurse is upset.
  • Jacob looks out the window at the circus. He compares it to the ones he used to know.
  • A few hours later, Rosemary comes to get him: it's time to eat.
  • He wants to eat by himself rather than having to listen to McGuinty talk. (This is sounding familiar.) But Rosemary insists he have the company and encourages him to let McGuinty think whatever he wants to.
  • Jacob struggles but makes it through the lunch.

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