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Water for Elephants Chapter 19

By Sara Gruen

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Chapter 19

  • Back in the present, Rosemary is waking Jacob up.
  • She helps him get dressed up to go to the circus. He's so excited that he gets ready an hour early.
  • Unfortunately, this means he's stuck with an old lady named Ipphy who has dementia and thinks he, Jacob, is her husband. She won't let go of the idea and it freaks Jacob out.
  • Ipphy seems sorry about committing adultery.
  • One by one, the other residents get picked up to go to the circus.
  • Finally, Jacob is the last one waiting.
  • Rosemary offers to look into why no one has picked him up yet. Jacob waits, furious.
  • It turns out that Jacob's family isn't coming, which means he can't go to the circus. This is one of the most depressing scenes ever.
  • Jacob is sad, naturally, and so is Rosemary: she can't even help him because she has to work. It turns out that she's not going to be working at the old folks' home much longer.
  • She's Jacob's only ally and friend there, and Jacob is totally distraught.
  • He asks to be left by himself and Rosemary leaves him be.

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