Study Guide

Water for Elephants Chapter 24

By Sara Gruen

Chapter 24

  • Jacob is back in his old body. He is unhappy that his son, Simon, didn't come to take him to the circus. We learn that Simon is the baby Marlena was pregnant with when she and Jacob got married. Jacob reveals that Simon is his son, not August's.
  • Jacob then decides that, as old as he is, he can make it to the circus by himself. He painstakingly takes himself out of the home and over to the circus. It takes forever but no one tries to stop him.
  • When he finally gets to the circus, the person taking tickets won't let him in. Luckily, a more mature man comes along and gets Jacob inside. Jacob reveals that he used to work in the circus, and the man is super impressed. He asks Jacob to meet up with him later that night.

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