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Daniel Watson (Dad) in The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963

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Daniel Watson (Dad)

Dad is the jokester of Watson clan, and he performs for the family every chance he gets. We're guessing this is where Byron gets his sense of humor—but definitely not his mean streak. Here are just a few things Shmoop loves about Dad:

• He does great impressions.
• He loves to make the family laugh.
• He maintains his sense of humor even when he's angry, like the time Byron came home with a conk; instead of yelling or losing his temper, he just cheerfully shaves Byron's head.
• He talks to Kenny like he's a grown-up. That's really important to kids, don't you think?
• Even though the Watsons have to work hard to make ends meet, Dad knows when to splurge for a special treat for the family, like when he bought the Ultra-Glide for their trip.

What do you think: are Dad and Momma made for each other? What's their relationship like? And do you think they've rubbed off at all on their kids? How so?

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