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Wilona Watson (Momma) in The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963

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Wilona Watson (Momma)

Momma: the only one of the Weird Watsons not born and raised in Flint. Nope, this lady's from Birmingham, Alabama, and we get the feeling she kind of wishes she still lived there. First of all, it's warm there, and Momma does not like the cold. Plus she talks about the air being cleaner and the people being friendlier. We'll just giver her the benefit of the doubt, though, and chalk it up to missing home.

One word of warning: don't mess with Momma. When she's really mad, even Byron is afraid of her. Take a look at the flaming parachute incident (Chapter 5). Momma is seriously planning to burn Byron on purpose in order to teach him not to play with matches—yowza. This seems a bit extreme to Shmoop, but Byron really has pushed her to the limit with this one.

Like we said, don't mess with her.

One of our favorite things about Momma is the way she helps Kenny make up with Rufus. Momma knows something is up even before Kenny tells her what happened. The next day, she meets Rufus after school and talks to him. We're not sure what she says, but Rufus gives Kenny a second chance and they go on being friends. That makes Momma a pretty great momma in Shmoop's book.

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