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The Watsons Go to Birmingham—1963 Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

That Dog Won't Hunt No More

  • Birmingham is hot.
  • Like really hot.
  • Kenny and Byron have trouble sleeping it's so hot.
  • The next morning, Byron, Dad, Kenny, Mr. Robert, and Mr. Robert's dog, Toddy, are all hanging out in the yard talking about hunting (well, the dog isn't talking).
  • Mr. Robert says Toddy used to be the best coon-hunting dog in Alabama, but now they're both too old to hunt.
  • Kenny goes inside to eat breakfast with Momma, Joey, and Grandma.
  • While Kenny eats, Momma is asking Grandma all kinds of questions about the town and people she used to know. Momma can't believe how much things have changed. That happens when you don't visit for ten years.
  • Finally Momma works around to what she really wants to ask about: Mr. Robert.
  • Grandma says that Mr. Robert is her dearest friend, but it also seems like he's living with her. Hmm, sounds like more than friends to us.
  • Momma seems upset about the fact that Grandma might have a boyfriend, but Grandpa Sands died twenty years ago, so who can blame her?
  • After breakfast, Mr. Robert takes the kids to the lake to show them the best fishing spots.
  • By the time they get back, Kenny is so hot and tired he needs a nap.
  • He thinks the heat will be the worst part of Byron's punishment, but so far, Byron seems to be having a great time in Birmingham, and he hasn't gotten into any trouble yet.

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