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The Gordon High Community in The Wave

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The Gordon High Community

The Wave brings together students who previously had nothing in common. But, in doing so, it forces them to give up some of their individuality. Why is this? Well, the things that unite them in The Wave are superficial. They share rules, mottos, a logo, and a set of rules. But there isn't really anything deeper tying them all together.

What's interesting to Shmoop is the way that the larger, already established community of the school is able to counteract The Wave. Like The Wave, Gordon High is its own community, made up of students, parents, teachers, and staff. But unlike The Wave, this community has a clear and shared goal: to educate students.

Okay, so the Gordon High clan is able to help put an end to The Wave. But at the same time, The Wave exposes some weaknesses in the school community: we see students suffering from an overly competitive atmosphere and feelings of powerlessness. Hopefully the community will be able to address some of these problems now that The Wave is over. We at least know they've got the smarts and compassion to do so. And it seems like Ben is already starting with Robert.

Sequel, anyone?

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