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The Wave Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • The next day, Laurie finds an anonymous letter slipped under the door of the publication office. Mysterious!
  • It's from a student: a junior at Gordon.
  • The student is upset: he and some of his friends have been threatened into joining The Wave. And what's worse, he has no idea what The Wave members will do to people who don't join.
  • When Ben walks through the halls after his meeting with Owens, he is amazed at all The Wave activity going on. These kids seem to have an unlimited amount of energy to devote to The Wave.
  • Soon, Ben notices that someone is following him. He turns around and sees that it's Robert. Robert smiles at him and he smiles back. Hmm, okay.
  • But wait. Robert continues to follow him.
  • He finally asks Robert what's going on and Robert tells him that he's Ben's bodyguard. Robert is convinced that as leader of The Wave, Ben's life could be in danger.
  • Yikes.
  • It dawns on Ben that he is considered "the ultimate leader of The Wave" (11.28). In fact, he's also heard some students mentioning orders that supposedly came from him. But he hasn't actually given any orders to anyone. Very curious, indeed.
  • Not wanting to put a damper on Robert's excitement, Ben agrees to let him be his bodyguard. After all, this might be good for the experiment by exaggerating Ben's image as leader of The Wave.

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