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We Need to Talk About Kevin Chapter 11: December 25, 2000

By Lionel Shriver

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Chapter 11: December 25, 2000

  • After briefly talking about her mother, Eva returns to the past, right after Siobhan left.
  • Around that time, Kevin stopped screaming.
  • Kevin stopped making noise entirely. The silence is almost as loud as his screaming. It's so weird that Franklin and Eva wonder if he has a disability.
  • But soon, Kevin speaks his first words: "I don like dat" (11.20), he says about after-school cartoons. He better not be talking about Muppet Babies.
  • Eva tries to keep Kevin talking. Does he want a cookie?
  • "I hate cookies" (11.29). Okay, this kid is defective.
  • Can Kevin say mommy? "No" (11.33), Kevin says.
  • When Franklin comes home, Kevin clams up, as if his talking were a secret between him and Eva.
  • After Kevin's third birthday, Eva takes one last international trip for work, to Africa, before the family moves.
  • In the airport, Eva decides she hasn't totally committed herself to motherhood, and she resolves to do so when she returns.
  • "I was at my most passionate about our son when he was not there" (11.51), she admits. Yeah, when you'd rather be stuck at the airport after a canceled flight instead of home with your family, there's a problem.
  • Eva closes this letter, "Merry Christmas" (11.81).

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