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We Need to Talk About Kevin Chapter 20: February 24, 2001

By Lionel Shriver

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Chapter 20: February 24, 2001

  • Visiting Kevin in prison, Eva asks him why he chose to kill the particular people he did.
  • "I didn't like them," Kevin says (20.28).
  • Eva responds, "You don't like anybody" (20.29). Good point.
  • Kevin describes all the reasons he hated his victims. One liked acting. One talked politics. One was gay. One played basketball. If these are Kevin's criteria for a death sentence, we'd all be dead.
  • Kevin is bitter because there is a film being made of his crime and one of his surviving victims is a consultant on the picture.
  • Eva tries to anger Kevin, saying he killed Laura Woolford because she rejected him, but he doesn't buy into it. He laughs in her face.
  • Eva concludes that Kevin simply hates it when other people like things.
  • Eva remembers chaperoning a dance when Kevin was fourteen.
  • Being fourteen-year-olds, no one is on the dance floor.
  • Until one girl gets out there and bravely busts a move by herself.
  • She's movin' and groovin' until Kevin goes out on the dance floor…
  • Not to dance with her. He whispers something in her ear.
  • Her face falls and she leaves the dance floor, humiliated.
  • Eva doesn't know what her son said to the poor girl, but she imagines that the girl ain't never gonna dance again (guilty feet have got no rhythm).

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