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We Need to Talk About Kevin Chapter 22: March 3, 2001

By Lionel Shriver

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Chapter 22: March 3, 2001

  • Eva thinks it would be a good idea to take Kevin on a mother-son outing. Like taking a pet tiger out for a walk.
  • Eva and Kevin play mini golf, which Kevin takes surprisingly seriously. He aces every hole.
  • Eva and Kevin go Christmas shopping, but Kevin thinks it's hypocritical to celebrate Christmas, since they're not Christians. That ruins Christmas shopping, so they go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant.
  • At dinner, Kevin continues to deconstruct Eva's hypocrisy, calling her "pretentious" (22.93), "ignorant" (22.106), and "self-righteous" (22.106) before concluding he'd "rather have a big cow of a mother who at least didn't think she was better than everybody else in the f***ing country" (22.106).
  • Um, check please?
  • For Christmas, which they later celebrate, anyway, Eva imports a short-eared elephant shrew for Celia, which she names Snuffles.
  • Franklin buys Kevin a crossbow. He's been excelling at archery.
  • Soon, Celia loses Snuffles, and Eva can't find the little creature, either.
  • Eva can't believe Celia would lose the shrew, since she's normally very conscientious. Eva worries Kevin did something to it—but they never find poor Snuffles.

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