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We Need to Talk About Kevin Chapter 23: March 8, 2001

By Lionel Shriver

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Chapter 23: March 8, 2001

  • Soon after Snuffles goes missing, something else disappears: Celia's eyeball.
  • It's terrible. Somehow, while playing in the bathroom, Celia gets drain cleaner in her eye.
  • Franklin blames Eva for leaving out the drain cleaner that weekend. (Was Mr. Snuffles down the drain?!)
  • Kevin was supposed to be watching Celia, so Eva blames Kevin.
  • This fight really drives Eva and Franklin apart.
  • While Celia is in the hospital, Eva and Franklin tell Kevin to look after her and make sure she doesn't get teased at school.
  • Kevin doesn't seem to care.
  • With Celia in the hospital, Eva stays home a lot when not visiting Celia.
  • Kevin starts playing flog the dolphin, with the door open, in plain sight, where Eva can see him do it.
  • Later, Mary Woolford pays a visit.
  • Mary's daughter, Laura (who hasn't been killed by Kevin yet), is upset because Kevin called her fat.
  • Laura has an eating disorder, and thanks to Kevin's comment, she has relapsed into bulimia.
  • Eva tells Mary to tell Laura to "suck it up" (23.153) and slams the door in her face.
  • Celia returns home, and Eva won't leave her alone with Kevin for a second.
  • Eva has to clean out Celia's crusty eye socket with a Q-tip and baby shampoo.
  • One afternoon, she asks Celia how it happened. How did she get drain cleaner in her eye?
  • Celia says, "I got something in eye. Kevin helped me wash it out" (23.165).

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