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The Wee Free Men What's Up With the Ending?

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What's Up With the Ending?

For such an exciting story through strange and magical landscapes, The Wee Free Men ends in a rather bland place—with Tiffany making cheese in the barn. When Roland comes to talk to her, she calmly tells him that she doesn't mind that he took the credit for their escape from Fairyland, but that she'll be watching him when he's Baron. And then she returns back to her duties:

"Aye," said Tiffany. "So we understand one another. Isn't that nice. And now, if you don't mind, I've got to finish this and make a start on some cheese." (14.250)

The book ends up in such a grounded place because that's the point at the end—Tiffany's duty is to come home and protect the Chalk. She can do great things from her very own farm, just like Granny Aching did. She may not get famous or make tons of money, but that doesn't matter—what matters is that she's been placed there to protect the chalk lands, and she's going to do it.

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