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Minor Characters in The Wee Free Men

By Terry Pratchett

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Minor Characters

The Nac Mac Feegles

The Nac Mac Feegles are a large and fierce clan of tiny blue men, led by their kelda. They'll go into any kind of battle, and their favorite activities are drinking, fighting, and stealing—so they're the perfect companions for Tiffany to take with her into Fairyland:

"Stealin'!" shouted the blue men.

"And what else, lads?"


"And what else?"

"Drinkin'!" (4.126-130)

As a clan of hundreds of tiny of blue men, they make a very effective army. They go with Tiffany everywhere, and treat her with loyalty and patience. Even when it's pretty clear that she doesn't have magical powers, the Nac Mac Feegles follow her into battle and encourage her to use her head. They're a really positive bunch.


Fion appears briefly when Tiffany shows up at the pictsie mound, but she's not very pleased with Tiffany's appearance. As the only other girl in the clan, she's upset that her mother chose Tiffany to be the new kelda:

"Fion must take her pick o'them that will follow her and seek a clan that needs a kelda. That is our way. She thinks there's another way, as gels sometimes do. Be careful o'her." (7.77)

Fion's just as headstrong and ready to lead as Tiffany is. Maybe that's why they don't get along—they're far too similar.

Miss Tick

Miss Tick is a real bona fide witch whom Tiffany finds at the teacher's camp:

Miss Tick did not look like a witch. Most witches don't, at least the ones who wander from place to place. Looking like a witch can be dangerous when you walk among the uneducated. (1.108)

She's basically there to teach Tiffany about who she is, and to guide her toward her witching ways. She may not have made it back in time to help Tiffany with the Queen's arrival, but she's there to offer hints, clues, and witching lessons at the very end.

The Toad

Oh the poor toad who doesn't fully know his identity. When Tiffany starts off with the talking toad, he doesn't really know who he is (or was) at all, and it bothers him:

"It's all a bit… foggy. I just know I've been a person. At least, I think I know. It gives me the willies. Sometimes I wake up in the night and I think, was I ever really human? Or was I just a toad that got on her nerves and she made me think I was human once?" (4.22)

The toad sticks with her and offers good advice, though, and in the end he comes in awfully handy when lawyers attack the pictsies. It turns out that the toad was a lawyer himself once, so he's able to step in and successfully defend them. We all have talents, after all.


Roland is the Baron's son that Tiffany finds in Fairyland when she goes off to look for Wentworth. It's clear that Roland is stuck there, and that he has no idea of how to get himself out. He follows Tiffany along and pretty much rides on her coattails to safety, but when they get back he claims responsibility for their daring escape:

So… Roland with the beefy face was the hero, was he? And she was just like the stupid princess who broke her ankle and fainted all the time? That was completely unfair! (14.173)

But Roland is the Baron's son, and the Baron wants his son to look good, so Tiffany accepts that he gets to be the hero. Nonetheless he's warned at the end that Tiffany is going to keep a close eye on him, especially when he becomes Baron.

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