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Rob Anybody in The Wee Free Men

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Rob Anybody

Rob Anybody is definitely a strong character in the book, even though he's a wee little man. In a way he's Tiffany's sidekick (and reluctant fiancé) and represents the whole tribe of Nac Mac Feegles—he's fearless, ready to go into battle, and incredibly loyal. Like all the other Nac Mac Feegles who believe that they're currently dead, Rob Anybody isn't afraid of going into battle and "dying." He even sticks with his people when it means that he might have to marry Tiffany (something that's less than desirable):

"I accept you, Rob Anybody," she said.

Rob Anybody's face became a mask of terror. She heard him mutter, "Aw crivens!" in a tiny voice. (7.278-279)

But all silliness aside, Rob is a great little warrior. He marches into battle with the best of them, and is game to save Tiffany from unfortunate situations (like the dromes) even when he doesn't actually know her that well. Rob is pretty much the ideal soldier, if you think about it—brave, clever, and incredibly loyal to his cause.

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