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The Wee Free Men Chapter 11

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Chapter 11


  • Tiffany sees a nut in the clearing rocking back and forth.
  • She whispers to Roland to crack the nut while she talks to the Queen, who's threatening her with all sorts of nasty things.
  • As Roland runs to the nut, Tiffany kicks the Queen in the leg and looks into her eyes, which are like silver mirrors.
  • Then Roland releases all the Nac Mac Feegles and they come pouring out of the nut in a wave and start fighting anyone and anything. All the dream creatures run away.
  • When Tiffany asks them where they've been, they admit that they drank back in the banquet dream. Tsk tsk…
  • Roland is unconscious, but Tiffany says that they must bring him along—and so along with Wentworth, they all trudge on.
  • Then Tiffany wills herself to wake in order to escape the fairy tale book dream that they are in.
  • They realize that the Queen has sent nightmares after them, and the Wee Free Men tell Tiffany that she has to run while they hold them off.
  • Tiffany pulls the wrapper of the Jolly Sailor tobacco out of her pocket and looks at the scene, which features a beautiful sea.
  • She realizes that there's a smallish drome in the distance and runs for it—so they can escape the nightmare.

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