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The Wee Free Men Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Land Under Wave

  • As Tiffany sits there in despair, the Queen mocks her and says that she could make Tiffany's world a lot better and that she likes it here.
  • She also tells her that Tiffany is heartless and that she failed to bring her brother back. She tells her that Tiffany can't do anything at all, and that she's just going to end up staying in Fairyland.
  • At first Tiffany feels so depleted and sad and hopeless that she falls forward into the mud as the storm rages on. But then she starts to get angry.
  • And she gets angrier and angrier until she stands up and screams—she's not going to let some evil Queen destroy her land.
  • Where lightning struck, Tiffany's grandma's two old sheepdogs appear. She looks behind her and sees Grandma Aching directing the dogs—and she's smiling happily at Tiffany as she does. Yay.
  • The Nac Mac Feegles show up too, but the Queen is still there and she sets a band of lawyers on the Wee Free Men, who are terrified.
  • As luck would have it though, the toad was apparently a lawyer in a past life and got turned into a toad, so he acts as the pictsies' defense lawyer and all is well—they scamper off to fight the lawyers with swords.
  • Tiffany is left with the Queen, who tries to attack her, but Tiffany beats her to it. She's figured out how to work her way around dreams and she's not scared anymore—instead she focuses on waking up.
  • And then she picks up the Queen—who turns into a weird baby monkey creature—and walks her back to the entrance between two worlds. She deposits the Queen back into her own world.
  • Then she stays in her own world and starts to fall asleep until someone taps her on the boot.

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