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The Wee Free Men Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Small, Like Oak Trees

  • Afterward, Tiffany is reunited with the Nac Mac Feegles and Wentworth and Roland again. The Wee Free Men say that the Queen will probably be back someday, and then they head off with their new lawyer a.k.a. the toad.
  • Tiffany is so tired that she tells Roland to take Wentworth down to the village ahead of her.
  • After he and Wentworth leave, three witches touch down—it turns out that Miss Tick has brought backup.
  • They may be a little late, but the witches listen to Tiffany's story and they confirm that she is indeed a bright young witch. They explain to her that witches protect the land, and that when she's old enough, she'll be called to learn all the witching ways.
  • Tiffany is pretty excited by this, and the witches take off again.
  • Later on she's sitting on the ground again when she hears the sound of hoof beats. Her father comes to grab her, and she's surprised to see that he's laughing and crying—he's so pleased to see her.
  • Her parents make her go to bed right away when she gets home.
  • She hears them talking downstairs about how Roland was the one who saved all of them from some crazy lady called the Queen who kidnaps children.
  • Tiffany is initially angry about this, but then she realizes that Granny Aching wouldn't have said anything.
  • The days pass. Tiffany goes to the little mound where the pictsies live and drops in a bottle of Special Sheep Liniment.
  • She does her chores and has Wentworth help with the chores too—these two seem to get along much better ever since their little sibling adventure.
  • As she's churning butter, Roland comes in and apologizes about taking all the credit. Tiffany says that it doesn't matter, and that all she asks of him is that he be a kind and fair Baron—because she'll be watching.
  • He's angry, but she tells him off and makes him leave the barn.
  • Later the Nac Mac Feegles approach her and ask her if it is okay if they ask another pictsie girl to be their new kelda; Tiffany agrees, though it makes her a little sad.
  • And then she goes back to churning that butter—after all, she's Tiffany Aching and that's what she does.

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