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The Wee Free Men Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Miss Tick

  • When Tiffany gets in, she finds a lady who looks… well, like a witch. So she asks her if she's a witch.
  • There's also a toad sitting on the lady's head that can talk, so that's kind of another giveaway.
  • Miss Tick eventually concedes that yes, she's a witch, and they talk about how Tiffany saw the Jenny Green-Teeth.
  • Tiffany starts thinking about Grandma Aching, and says that her grandmother was actually a witch; Miss Tick is unconvinced, but Tiffany is certain.
  • She has all these stories about the amazing things that Granny Aching did, like putting an almost dead lamb into the oven to revive it.
  • Miss Tick warns Tiffany that she feels like something bad is coming, and that she needs to be prepared for it—Tiffany wonders if they should call upon the Baron, but Miss Tick says he'd be no help at all.
  • When Miss Tick asks if there are any witches around here, Tiffany tells the story of Mrs. Snapperly, an old lady who everyone said was a witch because she looked kooky.
  • Apparently everyone in the village thought that Mrs. Snapperly was a witch and that she'd kidnapped the Baron's son, Roland.
  • The Baron said that no one was allowed to have anything to do with Mrs. Snapperly, and so she starved and froze to death because no one would take her in.
  • For some reason Tiffany doesn't tell Miss Tick about how she saw the little blue men, and then she has to go home.

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