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The Wee Free Men Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

The Green Sea

  • Tiffany flies off, with the toad hanging onto her hair, quickly leaving behind all the land that she's familiar with and all the landmarks of the chalk.
  • As they travel she thinks of the day that Granny Aching died, and how they buried her in the chalk. Nowadays people still leave chewing tobacco out for Granny's spirit—just in case.
  • The Feegles suddenly stop and look to the sky. Tiffany looks around, and to her surprise finds a packet of Jolly Sailor chewing tobacco.
  • Then she sees a buzzard coming down from the sky, and a pictsie falling down toward them—it's Hamish, who's there to tell them what they need to do next.
  • He says that he did see a woman on a black horse riding off with a small boy, and that he saw her take the kid into the "other side," which is kind of ominous sounding.
  • They tell Tiffany that the Queen's world is where dreams come true… but not the nice kinds of dreams. The other kind.
  • They feel a susurration and suddenly these big black dogs with orange eyebrows race out to attack them—they are called grimhounds and sent by the Queen—so Tiffany rushes away from the newly formed (magical) snow toward the green grass.
  • Though Team Tiffany ultimately prevails, she finds out that they lost some of the Wee Free Men in the fight.
  • Rob tells her that the Nac Mac Feegles believe that they're currently dead though, and that when they "die," they actually become alive.

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