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The Wee Free Men Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Lost Boys

  • Some of the Feegles were bitten, and one of the Feegles had to recite terrible poetry to make the weird little flying things (the stinging fey) go away, but other than that, everyone seems okay.
  • Tiffany learns more about Fairyland. Things were better when the King was around, but then he and the Queen split up and it's been bad since then.
  • She worries about what would happen if these creatures got into her world, and then they carry on with their trip.
  • They hear the sound of hoof beats suddenly and Tiffany is sure that it's the Queen. When she's whacked off a couple of grimhounds that came with the sound of hoof beats though, she sees that it's a boy riding a stag.
  • Tiffany realizes with a shock that the boy is the Baron's son, Roland—the one who went missing.
  • She tells him that she'll be able to help him, but he just runs away, terrified. She goes after him and lands in another dream.
  • Tiffany finds herself suddenly in a banquet hall dancing; she knows she needs to go looking for the drome so she can destroy it and escape.
  • There is a ton of beautiful food laid out, and Tiffany knows that she has to resist it even though the cheese is so beautiful and she really wants to try it.
  • But then she realizes what she's doing, gets angry, and dreams up a sword that she can carry.
  • She finds Rob Anybody and the other pictsies—who are all dressed in little tuxedos (cute)—and then she finds Roland, who she realizes is the drome in the dream so she cuts off his head. When she comes to, she and Roland (the live one) are looking at each other.
  • The Nac Mac Feegles are nowhere to be found though. Roland doesn't believe that she'll be able to get out of Fairyland, much less rescue him and her little brother.
  • Tiffany walks into a clearing where she sees a bunch of dromes sitting around with gold collars and chains around their necks. They're tame ones, obviously belonging to the Queen.
  • Tiffany walks on bravely… and steps into summer.

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