Study Guide

Doug Hoo in The Westing Game

By Ellen Raskin

Doug Hoo

Go For The Gold

Doug's a high school senior who Turtle thinks is pretty cute... even though he teases her and plays dumb jokes.

He's an insanely good runner and the star of the local track team. Everyone has high hopes for him. Even though his father wants him to study, Doug just thinks about running and training all the time. The second will reading is on the same day as his big track meet, and Doug cares way more about the race than he does about the inheritance:

Only one thing mattered: Saturday's big track meet. If he won or came in a fast second he'd have his pick of athletic scholarships. He didn't need the inheritance. (18.24)

He's focused on his talent and determination, and confident that those qualities will bring him way more benefits than any inheritance could. In a way, he's right; his two Olympic gold medals bring him lifelong street cred and TV personality status. But he's not that interested in the Westing game: who can blame him? He's playing a different game altogether.