Study Guide

The Westing Game Chapter 10

By Ellen Raskin

Chapter 10

The Long Party

  • Grace and Jake arrive, and Jake meets Judge Ford. Grace compliments her on the apartment, which she says is exactly like their three-bedroom. Judge Ford is confused because her apartment's a one-bedroom.
  • Judge Ford asks Grace how she's related to Westing, and Grace fumbles, saying she can't remember, but it was on her father's side.
  • Judge Ford smells a rat, because that means Grace would have a different maiden name.
  • No one wants to leave the party in case they miss anything, and everyone is very serious.
  • Jake thinks Mr. Hoo is a good partner for his wife. He gives Angela a hug and asks her about Dr. Deere, but this only makes her upset.
  • Angela thinks that people treat her like she's nothing without her fiancĂ©, and she's embarrassed that her mother scolded her about dressing like Sydelle and made her change clothes.
  • Jake says hi to Madame Hoo, who doesn't speak much English. They make small talk about snow and China.
  • Angela goes to talk with Judge Ford and Sydelle, who both bring up her engagement to Dr. Deere. When Sydelle mentions twins, Judge Ford goes to talk to someone else.
  • Sydelle tells Angela she shouldn't let her mother bully her, and Angela walks away too. So Sydelle goes over to Theo and asks for another drink, with twins. Theo doesn't know what she's talking about, but calls her a game board.
  • Meanwhile, Judge Ford watches other people, and evaluates the two people who aren't playing the Westing game: Chris and Theo's parents, George and Catherine, who both look sad.
  • Chris looks at people's legs, trying to figure out who limps: Theo, because Turtle kicked him; and Grace, because of her high heels. He notes that Judge Ford doesn't limp. He thinks everyone there is too nice to be murderers.
  • George Theodorakis tries to talk to Mr. Hoo, but doesn't get anywhere. Judge Ford really wants to talk to him too.
  • Theo explains chess to Sydelle, which Judge Ford overhears. She realizes Theo thinks the Westing game is like chess.
  • Judge Ford buts in on Doug and Mr. Hoo's conversation, asking him how long he's had the restaurant.
  • Sydelle also interrupts, bringing up twins again.
  • Grace comes up to Angela and fixes her hair, saying they need to get her hair done and lecturing her about being weird like her partner Sydelle. Grace is saying that she'll have the Hoos cater the wedding shower when Angela runs off.
  • Angela runs into the kitchen. She wants to be alone, but Crow's there. Crow wants to comfort Angela but can't. Instead, she just gives her a towel to hold as Angela bursts into tears.
  • Meanwhile, Turtle's bored. She wishes Sandy was at the party.
  • Flora starts a bet about where that quotation in the will, "May God thy gold refine," is from: the Bible or Shakespeare.
  • Flora and Turtle collect answers. When Sydelle acts suspicious, Turtle realizes that she lost the copy of her notes.
  • To get Turtle to stop bothering her, Sydelle announces that she knows the entire quotation. She says it's "Spend it wisely and may God thy gold refine" (10.60).
  • People aren't that impressed, and the party ends.