Study Guide

The Westing Game Chapter 11

By Ellen Raskin

Chapter 11

The Meeting

  • The next day, people look out their windows at the Westing house and wonder if they should share clues at the coffee shop meeting. The snowstorm's still keeping them all inside.
  • Turtle waits alone in her room, but neither her mother nor her sister comes in to help her braid her hair, like they usually do.
  • She goes down to Flora's apartment and asks her to help her braid her hair.
  • Flora reveals she had a daughter named Rosalie, who was exceptional and loving.
  • Turtle says her mother doesn't think she's beautiful and says she looks like a turtle. When she asks Flora what happened to her daughter, Flora just says she's gone.
  • Flora asks Turtle her real name, which she says is Alice.
  • They go to the meeting, after Turtle reminds Flora to just listen, not talk.
  • Meanwhile, Theo takes Chris in the elevator to the meeting. A sign on the wall says Judge Ford's offering a reward for a missing gold watch.
  • Chris realizes that Judge Ford's name matches her address: 4D. Theo doesn't understand him, though.
  • At the coffee shop, Theo and Chris's parents provide snacks.
  • Grace and Mr. Hoo talk. Mr. Hoo insults the coffee shop and asks where Turtle is. When Grace says she's probably helping Jake with his bookkeeping, Mr. Hoo laughs. Grace doesn't understand but laughs too.
  • Sydelle thinks they're laughing at her and spills her coffee.
  • Theo calls the meeting to order, saying his clues don't add up to anything on their own. He thinks they should all combine their clues and then share the winnings equally.
  • When Sydelle asks about the clues in the will, Theo says they'd like to have a copy of it. Sydelle puts him off because she doesn't have it, but she's annoying about it. So Mr. Hoo hands it over.
  • Sydelle calls him a thief but he says he found it in the restaurant earlier that day, and that it's useless, because the shorthand doesn't make any sense.
  • Angela tries to calm her down, but Sydelle is upset. She says no one understands her and that she took her notes in Polish.
  • To get things back on track, Mr. Hoo says they should give Sydelle a little more of the winnings if she translates the will for everyone. He says he and Grace didn't kill anyone and have good alibis, and they'll share their clues.
  • This upsets Doug, because he was at the crime scene the night Sam Westing died.
  • Judge Ford says they should wait to decide whether to share their clues, and in the meantime they could just ask each other questions.
  • The players write down anonymous questions for Theo to read.
  • He asks if there are any twins (no); what Turtle's name is (Doug asked; it's not Alice, it's Tabitha-Ruth); and how many people have met Sam Westing (Mr. Hoo is the only one to answer, and even though it's Judge Ford's question, she doesn't respond).
  • Theo's about to read the next question—about who's been kicked recently (Chris's question)—when he is interrupted.