Study Guide

The Westing Game Chapter 13

By Ellen Raskin

Chapter 13

The Second Bomb

  • The unnamed bomber, alone in the Hoos' restaurant kitchen, sets off a timed bomb where no one will be near it when it goes off, so no one will be injured. The bomber uses one of Turtle's candles to light the fuse.
  • Meanwhile, Grace puts up a sign in the elevator advertising the restaurant as she rides up to start working there as a hostess. Mr. Hoo pushes his wife from their apartment into the kitchen, and Doug's scolded when he accidentally comes in late to start working as a busboy.
  • Grace and Mr. Hoo commiserate about how hard it is to be parents.
  • With the exception of Catherine and George, all the players come up to the restaurant for dinner. Grace is giddy with power and sits people in unusual combinations.
  • She puts Chris with Sydelle, and they try to come up with their own private jokes.
  • Angela and Theo confide in each other; he's in awe of her. He says he won't be going to college, because his family needs to spend their money on his brother's health care. He wants to be a writer. Angela says maybe Dr. Deere can help, and then admits she wanted to be a doctor too... but her family doesn't have that much money either and her mother frowned on it.
  • When Theo asks her if she'd go back to school if they had the money, Angela doesn't say anything.
  • At another table, Judge Ford talks with Flora, asking her about her past. Flora says she used to have a wedding dress shop with her husband, and kept it going after he left. She talks about the dress she's making for Angela, saying she put lace on it she would've wanted to put on her own daughter's. She says Angela reminds her of Violet Westing.
  • Sydelle and Chris laugh together; he thinks she's unloved and self-centered.
  • Turtle sits alone at another table, listening to the stock report, which is not good. Grace drags Jake over to her table. He notices she calls Mr. Hoo "Jimmy." When Mr. Hoo comes to take their order, he asks Jake about a sports score. Turtle tells her father she knows about him being a bookie.
  • Sydelle asks Chris if he is totally paralyzed, which nobody ever does, and says he has a great alibi. She gets up to talk to the chef, and Angela gets up to help. Otis comes in, which means Sunset Towers is no longer snowed in, and the second bomb goes off.
  • Mr. Hoo goes into the kitchen while Grace tries to calm people down. He says someone should call an ambulance, and Madame Hoo and Angela try to help the injured Sydelle.
  • The paramedics come to take Sydelle to the hospital, and Angela isn't sure if she should go too. Grace tells her not to at first, but everybody else thinks she should.
  • A policeman says it was a gas explosion, as was the bomb the previous day, and that it wasn't that unusual for two to happen in those weather conditions. He encourages everyone to keep their rooms ventilated.
  • Grace takes extra care to keep their apartment aired, but, the narrator tells us, her apartment is where the next bomb will be set off.