Study Guide

The Westing Game Chapter 14

By Ellen Raskin

Chapter 14

Pairs Repaired

  • The tenants go outside at last. Angela looks under the hoods of all the cars, based on what Sydelle thought their clues might be, but doesn't see anything.
  • Next, Turtle and Flora take Flora's Chevy to a broker's office, where they spend several hours watching stocks. Since Flora's already forgotten how the stock market works, Turtle explains it to her. She doesn't say that they've already lost $1,350 on a stock called SEA.
  • Back at Sunset Towers, Sandy refuses a tip from Judge Ford for polishing her car, because she gave him the whole $10,000. She asks him about his family.
  • Sandy describes his family and explains he was injured from being a boxer.
  • Judge Ford says she tried to call him but couldn't find his number, and he explains that they couldn't afford it. She notices he's carrying a flask, but doesn't smell like alcohol.
  • Sandy tells her he has a theory about his clues. He thinks "skies" means "Sikes," "am" and "er" from "brother" mean Otis Amber; "shin" from "shining" could mean Mr. Hoo or Turtle; and "brother" could mean one of the Theodorakises. The judge says they're only looking for one person, though.
  • He tells the judge he doesn't want to share clues with the others. They agree that they need to do research on each of the players and find out who might be in danger from Westing's plan.
  • Meanwhile, Grace and Mr. Hoo are arguing about whether he should spend his money on advertising or not. Grace is just thinking he couldn't be the murderer when she overhears Otis and Crow arguing.
  • Otis yells that Crow lost their clues, and she says she remembers them. She thinks to herself that she has "hid[den] her love" in one of Angela's bags.
  • Otis worries that someone else might find their clues, and Grace tells him off and then asks Crow where she's going.
  • They fight over keeping the window open or closed, and Otis starts yelling "Boom!" every time he sees someone.
  • He spends his time making lots of deliveries to Sunset Towers, especially Westing Paper Products, and yelling "Boom!" at people. He thinks the whole thing is making Crow act weird.
  • Meanwhile, Dr. Deere pays a visit to Chris. He wants the money, and thinks Chris wants medical help, which he can't give. He can't even remember their clues. Chris has practiced what he wants to tell his partner over and over, and he lists their clues slowly. He thinks "grain" means Otis, and the combo of "for" and "shed" means she, Ford, and apartment 4D.
  • Dr. Deere says it's a good start, but Chris doesn't sign the check.
  • Downstairs, Angela waits for Denton. She doesn't know how to driveā€”her mother said she didn't have to learn and now she regrets that.
  • Theo comes by and says he found the whole quotation they were talking about the other day.
  • It's from "America the Beautiful." He reads it to her and then starts singing. He says it's probably not a clue, just patriotism.
  • Dr. Deere comes to get Angela. Theo asks him to play chess and is ignored. As Dr. Deere and Angela leave, Sandy whistles "America the Beautiful."
  • On the way to the hospital, Dr. Deere and Angela fight about why she's going to the hospital to visit Sydelle. Dr. Deere says Sydelle's crazy and made her whole disease up. He worries that Angela's stalling about the wedding.
  • Angela thinks she doesn't want to get married, but she doesn't know how to get out of it.
  • Waiting for Sydelle, she talks to another doctor, who says that Sydelle did make up her disease. Angela asks him if what Sydelle was doing was normal. The doctor condescends and says no one was hurt by it.
  • So, Angela goes in to see Sydelle. When Sydelle asks about the diagnosis, Angela lies and says that Sydelle has a disease that can't be cured. This cheers Sydelle up.
  • When Sydelle asks Angela for her makeup, Angela reaches into her bag and finds an anonymous letter that asks for forgiveness, encourages her love, and worries about enemies. It has two clues attached: "thy" and "beautiful."