Study Guide

The Westing Game Chapter 16

By Ellen Raskin

Chapter 16

The Third Bomb

  • At Angela's wedding shower, Otis keeps delivering gifts and saying "Boom!" Everyone is eating and drinking from Westing paper products and Madame Hoo's serving, wearing a silly serving gown.
  • Grace says it's time to open presents. Angela finds herself the center of attention, surrounded by her mother's friends and none of her own. She thinks Turtle's fortunate because she's not the favorite child.
  • She gets two asparagus cookers and an egg poacher; then she checks the time and picks up a thin carton with gold wrapping.
  • People remark her hands are shaking.
  • Angela unwraps the gift so slowly that Turtle gets impatient and reaches down to see what it is. Angela shouts out, "Get away" and shoves Turtle aside as the gift explodes in rockets and bangs.
  • When the dust settles, Grace asks if anyone's hurt. Everyone's fine except for Angela, who has burned hands and blood on her face.
  • Downstairs the tenants meet with a police captain Judge Ford called. They know among them are a murderer, a bomber, and a thief. But they don't know who's who.
  • Otis thinks Mr. Hoo could be the killer.
  • Mr. Hoo thinks Flora can't be trusted.
  • The captain says that they don't have enough evidence to do a search.
  • Jake thinks Sandy's not the bomber, because he wasn't there during the first two bombs, but he clearly dislikes Mr. Westing.
  • Chris thinks it wasn't Sandy or Judge Ford.
  • Flora thinks Theo and Doug are nice boys, but that doesn't mean either of them couldn't be a killer.
  • Theo says to Chris it could be Crow, but then they disagree about whether she was in the building for the other bombs.
  • The captain says it was a time bomb and that no one would've been hurt if Angela hadn't been holding it towards herself.
  • The judge thinks Grace is unhappy, but she wouldn't have bombed her daughter.
  • Grace thinks Otis could be the bomber, because he delivered the presents, but he wasn't there for the first bomb.
  • No one suspects Chris or Angela—except for maybe Otis, who gets kicked by Turtle.
  • At the hospital, Angela's sharing a room with Sydelle. Her parents tell her that everything's going to be fine. Turtle waits behind after her parents leave and thanks Angela. She says she brought her bag for her (she took out something she found inside), and says that Angela's hands will heal, but she'll have a scar on her face.
  • Turtle reminds Angela that she's always said it was about the inner person, not outer beauty—Angela wonders if she was right.
  • Turtle tells her it was a stupid thing to do, and Sydelle realizes that Angela was the bomber.