Study Guide

The Westing Game Chapter 19

By Ellen Raskin

Chapter 19

Odd Relatives

  • On Thursday, Flora and Turtle are trying to follow the stock market. The price of WPP is rising. Turtle keeps getting in trouble at school because she's listening to the radio to follow stocks. She tries to blame it on a toothache, but the teachers don't believe her. Every thirty minutes she takes a bathroom break to tune in, while Flora follows from the stockbrokers.
  • At Sunset Towers, Crow cleans the Wexlers' apartment, while thinking about how she doesn't want to go to the Westing house—it's too painful—but Otis thinks she should.
  • Otis makes a delivery to the apartment and tells Crow he thinks Mr. Hoo might be the bomber, because his restaurant competes with the coffee shop. He could have diverted attention by bombing his restaurant, and he catered the wedding shower.
  • Crow gets furious and thinks about vengeance, since Angela will be scarred for life.
  • Upstairs, the judge and Sandy discuss Crow. Her full name is Berthe Erica Crow, and she's divorced from Windy Windkloppel. They don't know what her Westing connection is.
  • Meanwhile, in the Chinese restaurant, Jake, Grace, and Hoo see Crow come in. She limps to their table and Madame Hoo brings out some lunch.
  • Grace wonders if something's going on between her and Jake.
  • Mr. Hoo suggests that Crow should try his paper insoles, since her feet hurt, for free. Crow is so pleased with the insoles that she leaves without paying, and thinks anyone who could create those couldn't be the bomber.
  • At the hospital, a nurse brings Chris to Sydelle and Angela's room. He's brought Angela what he thinks was a letter Theo was too shy to give her, which he found in his bathrobe. The nurse takes Chris away, but first he tells her "mountain," Turtle's clue.
  • Angela reads the letter, which isn't from Theo, but which says that someone's love should be taken away before things go too far. The letter also has two clues, "with" and "majesties."
  • She tells Sydelle that Otis and Crow's clues are not "king" and "queen," but "with thy beautiful majesties."
  • Back at Sunset Towers, Sandy and Judge Ford are still researching the Wexlers. Jake is a podiatrist, Grace's maiden name is Windkloppel, their daughters are Turtle and Angela. Their link to the Westings is that Grace says Sam Westing was her uncle, and she and Angela both look like Violet.
  • Sandy says that Jake was also a bookie, and Judge Ford gets mad and says that Sam Westing wasn't exactly the cleanest living man, even if he didn't drink or smoke.
  • Sandy gets embarrassed and drinks from his flask.
  • The judge realizes that Grace must be related to Crow, since they are both connected to the Windkloppels.
  • They look back over their information on Crow, and come back across an interview with one of Crow's friends. The friend describes Crow as a pretty redhead, and the friend is named Sybil Pulaski.
  • The judge realizes Sam Westing made a mistake: he wanted Sybil Pulaski and he got Sydelle. He didn't know everything.