Study Guide

The Westing Game Chapter 20

By Ellen Raskin

Chapter 20


  • That Friday, Turtle cuts classes and goes with Flora to the stockbrokers. That afternoon their stock is up to $52 a share, and they decide to sell.
  • Doug's cutting class too, to follow Otis. They go between the shopping center and Sunset Towers, and then to a rooming house. Otis doesn't come out for hours, and then he goes back to Sunset Towers. Doug's been jogging the whole time, and is grateful for his father's paper insoles, which really seem to work.
  • At the hospital, Theo's being bandaged after accidentally causing an explosion in the chemistry lab. The bomb squad detective wonders if he set the bomb in his parents' restaurant. Theo denies it, plus he has an alibi for the third bombing. So he gets off with a warning.
  • George delivers food to the judge's apartment, and she asks him about his past with Violet Westing.
  • George says they went out when they were kids and wanted to get married, but that her mother came between them.
  • The judge realizes that Sam Westing hadn't pushed Violet to marry the senator; her mother had. George says Violet didn't know what else to do, because she didn't want to marry the senator, and that's probably why she killed herself. Then her mother went crazy.
  • The judge thanks him, and Sandy finishes up their research on the Theodorakis family. Theo wants to be a writer and plays chess; Chris is a birdwatcher with a complicated disease. Their father is Violet's ex-boyfriend, but he and his wife aren't players in the game.
  • Sandy says that the new medicine Dr. Deere suggested is working great for Chris, but that what he really needs is money. He's smart enough to really make something of himself, but his parents don't have enough money for his education.
  • The two can't figure out why the parents aren't playing the game, and the judge brings them back to trying to decide which player Westing was gunning for. They decide that it's probably Mr. Westing's ex-wife, and that she has got to be hidden amongst the players—and that they need to protect her.