Study Guide

The Westing Game Chapter 22

By Ellen Raskin

Chapter 22

Losers, Winners

  • Turtle posts a sign in the elevator saying that she is the bomber, but not the burglar or the murderer, and that she'll treat everyone to Chinese dinner when she wins the game.
  • Mr. Hoo says Grace has trouble with her kids, and he's glad to have Doug. Madame Hoo just says "Boom." She's excited that they're going to go to watch Doug race. She thinks about how she won't ever take his medals, or sell the clock with the mouse on it, even if it will take longer to save up to go back to China.
  • Meanwhile, Grace is too embarrassed to go to the players' meeting and Jake has to convince her to go. They fight about how they've brought up their children and what they've become. Jake asks what happened to Gracie Windkloppel, and Grace basically says he's not a proper doctor. Jake calls himself a loser.
  • Grace begins to cry and they go back to their apartment, where they meet Turtle and Flora leaving. Turtle asks what's wrong and thinks to herself that it would be even worse if Grace knew who the bomber actually was.
  • Jake tells them to have fun at the track meet, which isn't where they're going.
  • Inside the apartment, Jake asks Angela and Sydelle to leave so Grace can have some privacy. Angela realizes her parents aren't bugging her or checking on her—she's alone.
  • She laughs, and then decides everything's okay.
  • Sydelle thinks things are great, and they're going to win. Angela thinks they might not, because they have a song instead of a name.
  • Sydelle sings "purple waves of grain," and Angela says it's not purple, it's amber waves.
  • Meanwhile, Judge Ford is worried about the revenge on Mrs. Westing. Dr. Deere and Chris show up, and Dr. Deere asks her to hang out with Chris for the afternoon.
  • The medicine is helping Chris a lot, and he can talk without stuttering as much. Dr. Deere leaves to go back to the hospital.
  • Chris says he'll birdwatch while the judge does her research. The judge realizes that the only possible player who could be Mrs. Westing is Crow.
  • Chris shows the judge a flock of geese flying, which makes her drop her papers. When she picks them up, she realizes that the wax figure looked like a picture of Westing from fifteen years ago, so no one knows what he looks like now. She realizes Westing must be in disguise.
  • Meanwhile, Turtle tries to relax at the dentist's. She distracts herself by thinking about how she kicked Barney Northrup hard when he stopped by her family's apartment that morning. She's worried about having her hair cut off.
  • At the track meet, Doug wins the mile run. Mr. Hoo is super-proud, and thinks his inner soles are going to be a hit. Madame Hoo wants Doug to wear his medal to the meeting that night.
  • Back at Judge Ford's apartment, Sandy is sad, and says that he ran into Barney Northrup, who fired him. He says he asked Barney to talk to the judge, because she might be a good reference, but the judge says he never called. She wonders if Barney is Westing in disguise.
  • Sandy asks Chris about bird watching, and then pulls the judge aside. The two decide they just have to protect Mrs. Westing, who they think is Crow. Sandy also says he thinks Otis has been lying about who he really is, and he thinks Otis is actually Westing.
  • Over at the Westing house, Crow and Otis arrive early for the meeting. She says she's worried that something bad might happen, and that she might be in danger. Otis doesn't believe her and says it sounds like she's been drinking again—and then he apologizes.