Study Guide

The Westing Game Chapter 28

By Ellen Raskin

Chapter 28

And Then…

  • Turtle keeps Sandy's secret, and meets him (as Mr. Eastman) once a week to play chess.
  • She attends a wedding in the Chinese restaurant, with Mr. Hoo as best man and her sister as bridesmaid. It's Crow and Otis's wedding, and everyone toasts them.
  • Judge Ford moves out of the building—she's going to sell her apartment to pay for somebody else's education, and repay her debt to Westing again.
  • She says goodbye to Chris, whose education she's going to pay for.
  • Mr. Hoo's insoles are selling really well, and he tells his wife she's going to take her to China soon. Madame Hoo speaks better and better English, and she's starting to make friends.
  • Sydelle goes back to work at her old job, with the status of heiress. Her boss, Mr. Schultz, asks her out to lunch.
  • Jake is now working for the government lottery, while Grace manages Hoo's on First, which is doing really well. She's proud of herself, and Turtle.
  • Angela will always have a scar, but she's gone back to college and is prepping for med school. She's broken up with Dr. Deere and studies all the time. Turtle's still following the stock market.
  • Otis and Amber expand their soup kitchen with the inheritance money.