Study Guide

The Westing Game Chapter 29

By Ellen Raskin

Chapter 29

Five Years Pass

  • Five years later, the players gather to celebrate Doug's Olympic medal. Otis and Crow thank Mr. Hoo for his innersole donation to the soup kitchen. His business is doing really well, although he hasn't gone to China yet.
  • Theo's finished journalism school and is a reporter, while Doug's considered a hero.
  • Madame Hoo speaks great English and calls herself "Sunny."
  • Angela and Dr. Deere meet again; neither one's attached. He's a neurologist and she's in med school.
  • Sydelle arrives with her fiancĂ©, Mr. Schultz.
  • Chris introduces Judge Ford to his girlfriend Shirley. He and Shirley are studying bird watching, while the judge has made it to the Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Grace is doing the catering for the party, even though she runs five restaurants, including Hoo's on First. Theo asks who the pretty girl talking to Flora is, and Grace says it's Turtle, who everyone calls T.R. now.
  • T.R. is happy, because she finally won a chess game.