Study Guide

The Westing Game Chapter 30

By Ellen Raskin

Chapter 30

The End?

  • Mr. Eastman is eighty-five and dying, and Turtle's at his bedside. She has an M.A. and a law degree, and works for Westing Paper Products. She's lost and made millions in the stocks. She calls Mr. Eastman "Sandy."
  • He says he's dying and she doesn't want him to. He asks her about all the other players. She tells him what's happened to everyone: Judge Ford is on the Supreme Court. She says Crow and Otis are still working at the soup kitchen, although they are both dead. Sydelle moved with her husband to Hawaii.
  • When he asks about Angela, Turtle realizes for the first time he knew she was the bomber. She says Angela's an orthopedic surgeon, married to Dr. Deere, with a daughter named Alice, which is what Flora used to call Turtle.
  • Turtle notices Mr. Eastman's wearing his Sandy teeth, which must mean he's really dying.
  • Sandy asks about the others: Flora has moved in with Turtle; Chris is married to Shirley and they're both ornithology professors; Chris discovered a fancy parrot.
  • Doug won two gold medals and announces sports; Mr. Hoo's invention is selling well (Turtle doesn't say that Mr. Hoo died and Sunny went to China without him); Grace's ten restaurants are doing pretty well.
  • Turtle's married to Theo, who just wrote a second book. She tells Sandy that they'll have kids one day, although they won't really, because they don't want their kid to get Chris's disease.
  • She tells Sandy about Angela's daughter, and he asks her to ask Crow to pray for him; then he dies. It's July fourth.
  • When Mr. Eastman dies, so do Sandy's other aliases. Everyone thinks it makes sense Turtle's sad about his death. As T.R., she'll follow in his footsteps and be chairman too, someday.
  • Since it's Saturday, she goes to her important weekly meeting: chess in the library with her niece Alice.