Study Guide

The Westing Game Chapter 6

By Ellen Raskin

Chapter 6

The Westing Will

  • Mr. Plum explains why he's reading the will, even though he never met Sam Westing. He says he verified the signatures on the will as belonging to Samuel W. Westing; Julian R. Eastman, Westing Paper Products Chairman; and Sidney Sikes.
  • The will has many parts. Part one begins by saying that Sam Westing, Wisconsin resident, is sane and that this is his last will. He has gathered his nieces and nephews together.
  • Grace interrupts the will by standing up and saying, "What?" The lawyer continues reading, and the next line of the will is one telling Grace to sit down.
  • Judge Ford says she's equally horrified by the idea of being related, and Grace is ashamed. Turtle says this means Angela and Dr. Deere can't get married; Dr. Deere pats Angela's hand and slices his finger on her needle.
  • Sydelle asks the lawyer to keep reading. The will continues, saying the body will be cremated the following day.
  • Part two of the will says that Sam Westing's "life was taken" (6.15), by one of the people in the room.
  • Chris spasms and points at everyone, while he calls out. Sandy asks if that means Sam Westing was murdered, and Mr. Hoo says it does—maybe Westing was poisoned at the coffee shop.
  • Theo, insulted, says the murderer is among them.
  • Judge Ford asks whether the police were notified, and Plum thinks they're going to do an autopsy. The judge thinks that's silly, because the body was already embalmed.
  • Plum keeps reading the will, which says the police are helpless, and only Sam Westing knows who did it. He tells them to find the guilty person.
  • Flora is upset by the will's language, and Crow says, "Amen."
  • The third part of the will asks who is worthy enough to be the heir. It says that the estate is at the crossroads and the one to win will be the one who finds…
  • Sandy interrupts the reading of the will by yelling, "Ashes!" No one else is amused, and Sandy has to explain he was just trying to make a joke.
  • Part four of the will says that America is great, and helped Westing. It encourages the heirs to "take stock" in America and "sing" its "praise."
  • Judge Ford stands up and says it's all a trick, or that Westing was nuts.
  • Part five of the will says that she should sit down and read a letter the lawyer will hand her.
  • Judge Ford says she won't read it, because anyone can buy proof of sanity if they have enough money.
  • This insults Dr. Deere, who thinks that doctors shouldn't be corrupt.
  • Part six of the will asks them to have a moment of silence.