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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • In the end, everyone decides to go to Delray with Peter Coleridge—the whole Spooner family and the Graysons.
  • All the adults are talking and Evie feels young and invisible; she can't seem to capture Peter's attention, plus Joe seems uncharacteristically grumpy.
  • Mr. Grayson says that he heard that the hotel they're staying in is for sale, and says that maybe he's considering buying it.
  • At the end of lunch, Peter asks if anyone is up for a walk and Evie quickly volunteers—they run down towards the beach together, hand-in-hand.
  • They banter and he tells her that he's an older brother type, which stings a little, but he also tells her that she doesn't know just how pretty she is.
  • Then it starts to rain and they run back toward the others.

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