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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • The next day, Evie spends a lot of time in the lobby trying to bump into Peter Coleridge. By dinner, she's desperate enough to go to the front desk to send a note up to his room.
  • When she asks the hotel manager, Mr. Forney, he tells her that Mr. Coleridge has checked out of the hotel.
  • Evie leaves the hotel and walks, hoping that she'll run into him in the street somewhere. She gets back to the hotel and sees Mr. and Mrs. Grayson arguing under a tree, but they stop when they see her.
  • The next morning, Evie goes to the pool and notices that Wally—that ugly bellhop—is watching her.
  • He comes over and asks her why she went to the dance if she didn't want to dance, and she tells him that he couldn't keep up with her. Oh snap.
  • Wally leaves and she sees that Mrs. Grayson is also at the pool, writing on a notepad. A gust of wind upsets her papers and Evie runs to grab them. She notices that one says: "It could all explode in our faces…" which, you know, seems kind of ominous.
  • She hands them back to Mrs. Grayson quickly, who tells her that she dresses like a kid for someone who's turning sixteen in October, and then suggests that she take Evie on a shopping trip as an early birthday gift.
  • They drive down to the shops, where Mrs. Grayson has Evie try on a bunch of outfits for her. She makes all the final decisions on what they will buy, and she finally has Evie try on a glamorous evening gown—it looks fantastic and Mrs. Grayson says she's buying it too.
  • Afterward, when they're in the car, Evie says that she doesn't know when she'll see her crush again. Mrs. Grayson assumes that she means Wally, and not Peter, which offends Evie.
  • She wonders if Mrs. Grayson invited her out as a gift, or if it was to make her keep quiet about what she'd seen on the papers at the pool.

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