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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • The next day, Evie is sitting under a tree with a textbook (after all, school is in session and she needs to stay caught up) when someone suddenly reaches over and closes the book.
  • It's Peter, and he's checking her out in her new dress. He tells her that a friend of his has a house in town, and he's staying there now; he also asks her if she wants to go to the movies.
  • They approach Joe and Bev and Evie asks if she can go to the movies with Peter. Joe says that he doesn't like it, but Bev tells him that she's had enough of the hot air as well and will go along to chaperone. She leaves before Joe can say anything.
  • In the theater, Evie sits in the middle. She pretends that she and Peter are alone and that her mom isn't even there.
  • But then her mom nudges her, hands her some money, and tells her to go get them some snacks.
  • When she gets back inside, Peter's moved into her seat and he and Bev are whispering to each other. Evie sits down on Peter's other side and they watch the rest of the movie.
  • After the film, Peter suggests that they go to Walgreen's for a soda. Inside, Evie sees that Wally is there with some friends—her mom tells her to go say hi to him, so she does.
  • When Wally offers to buy her a soda, she says that Peter, her date, is buying her one; Wally's surprised and leaves with his friends.
  • Peter drops them off at the hotel again, but not before Bev tells Evie that she has to do homework in front of Peter. Ugh. Moms are so embarrassing.
  • Then Bev walks off to do some shopping while Peter walks Evie back to the hotel.

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