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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • When they come downstairs, Evie sits down next to Mrs. Grayson and Peter sits down on her other side—much to her girlish delight.
  • At dinner, Mr. Grayson announces that he and Joe are going into business together and everyone is shocked—including Mrs. Grayson. Uh-oh… is there going to be trouble in paradise?
  • Evie gets a half glass of champagne as everyone continues to eat, and her mom looks radiant and beautiful from her champagne. Then Bev and Mrs. Grayson go upstairs and go to bed while the men stay and talk business.
  • Peter leaves and Evie wanders into the lobby, where she sees Wally coming out after the end of his shift—she doesn't want to talk to him so she walks through the hallways and then slips outside.
  • There, she sees Peter standing across the street and runs up to him. He takes her hand and says that they should go to the beach.
  • Moonlit walks on the beach? Swoon.

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