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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • As they walk, Peter talks about the war and how he didn't know anything when he enlisted—he was just a spoiled rich man's son.
  • She asks him how he met Joe in the war, and he looks at her like he's just remembered that she's there and says that he's not going to keep talking about the war in front of a pretty girl. He asks her to tell him about home.
  • She talks about her living situation with the oh-so-pleasant Grandma Glad, and how the house is too small so maybe it'd be nice if they did buy the hotel and live in Palm Beach.
  • Peter wonders what the Graysons would get out of the deal (since Joe wouldn't have to put money in upfront), and Evie says that the Graysons are so mysterious—maybe they're spies or something.
  • Then Peter leans down and gives her a quick kiss on the mouth. Cue the fireworks, Shmoopsters.
  • Peter says that he shouldn't have done it, but Evie tells him that she didn't mind at all; he kisses her on the nose.

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