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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • Now that Mr. Grayson and Joe have decided on the deal, Mr. Grayson announces that he's taking them all to dinner down the coast—even Peter.
  • Evie decides to wear the fancy gown that Mrs. Grayson bought for her. She gets dressed slowly and carefully, making sure to get her make-up right and even perfumes her cleavage. Ooh la la, girl.
  • When she comes downstairs, she can tell that she's made an impression on Peter because he really takes a long hard look at her and says that she's beautiful and all grown up.
  • Joe and her mother are immediately upset though, and tell her that she has to go upstairs to change. She does so, and as her mom helps her put on an old dress—and Joe yells about how Peter is sniffing after his daughter like a hound dog—her mom whispers to her that it has to stop.
  • At the restaurant, no one is really celebrating, and everyone's in a bad mood except for Joe, who's just drinking a lot.
  • Joe says that they should all go on a boating trip together and gets mad when Peter seems to invite himself along.
  • As they go to leave and everyone is getting into their cars, Peter asks Joe why he's not good enough for his daughter, and says something about Joe being a dirty rat.
  • Evie realizes something in that moment as she watches Peter and Joe—Joe is scared of Peter.
  • That thought goes out the window though, when Joe throws a punch and hits Peter's ear.
  • Peter goes off to his car, and Evie realizes that no one else saw that exchange except for her.

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