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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • When they get back to the hotel, Mr. Forney, the manager, asks to see the Graysons; he doesn't act as deferential as he usually does.
  • He says that he's found out that the Graysons are Jewish, and asks them to leave immediately. Apparently, it's a Palm Beach custom to keep out Jewish and African American people. How charming.
  • Mr. Grayson talks them into letting them stay until the morning so they can find another hotel. Joe and Bev step forward to comfort them, but the Graysons look mortified and don't want to talk.
  • Joe is upset because he realizes that this means that their deal isn't going to work out. Then, he and Bev start to fight again. Needless to say, their fun couple's vacation isn't exactly working out as planned.
  • Then Bev starts to say that Joe doesn't trust her, and that he never did—that's why he had her move in with his mother while he was overseas, so she could have a warden to keep an eye on her at all times. Joe counters that maybe she needed a chaperone.
  • Evie keeps yelling at them to stop, but they don't listen to her… so she runs.

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