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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

  • The next morning, Evie evacuates the hotel along with everyone else. As they make their way to the courthouse in West Palm, Mr. Forney tells her that he's fired Wally because the hotel standards state that employees can't fraternize with guests.
  • She tells him that his standards are baloney—she's seen him kick out the Graysons just because they have the wrong last name.
  • The storm hits and it's pretty terrible. Evie's scared sick for her parents and for Peter; everyone that she loves is out there on a boat.
  • After the storm blows over, people are still kept in the courthouse because Palm Beach is still evacuated.
  • A policeman comes up to Evie, and she's terrified for a moment that he's going to tell her that her parents and Peter are all dead, but instead he asks her to come to his house so that she can eat some breakfast.

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