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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

  • When her parents finally arrive, they look completely terrible, like they've been through a real ordeal. Her mom hugs her and tells her that she never thought she'd see Evie again.
  • Evie immediately asks about Peter, and her parents tell her that it was a terrible storm. Then her mom excuses herself to go take a bath.
  • That night, Bev whispers to Evie that Peter wasn't who she thought he was—he was following them here to blackmail Joe, and was using Evie as a way to get back at Joe.
  • Her mom also tells her that it's okay if anything physical happened with Peter, and that it wasn't her fault if it did. They're going to go back to New York and things will be back to normal. Evie will like that, won't she?
  • Joe wants to leave as soon as possible, but there's no gas in town so they can't get out. The hotel sends over their suitcase, and Joe heads out in search of gas; he finally finds a place that sells it, and they plan to hit the road the next morning.
  • As they're packing the car in the morning, though, the police officer pulls up and says that they'll have to stay for a few more days—he needs to ask the Spooners some questions because they've found Peter's body.
  • Cue the dramatic and foreboding music.

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