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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

  • A newspaper article runs, deeming Peter's death suspicious. The paper says that a Mr. and Mrs. Spooner have been called into questioning in connection with Peter's death.
  • The paper also says that Peter's father is a fisherman—which means that Peter lied about being a rich man's son. He lied about a lot.
  • Apparently, he isn't rich at all—he never went to college either, and he stole the convertible and broke into the house in Palm Beach to stay there. The police found wine glasses left on the windowsill of the house—and one had dark red lipstick traces on it.
  • The newspaper speculates that the mansion he broke into was a "secret love nest" and that Evie's mom is somehow involved. Could it really be?
  • She also has to wonder if Joe—who she loves—is really a killer. She loves her parents… so they can't be responsible for Peter's death. Can they?
  • When they get back from lunch the next day, Grandma Glad is in their room. Great. That's the last thing they need.
  • She's upset because the case has made it to the papers in New York and Joe didn't tell her about it. Grandma Glad even tells Joe that he shouldn't have married Bev because she's running around on him.
  • Grandma Glad says she's going to help get Joe out of this mess, and that she'll have to help Bev too—even though she doesn't want to. Evie's mom blows smoke right into her face as a response. Classy.
  • Evie wakes up in the middle of the night to Joe and Grandma Glad talking. Grandma Glad tells him that if they ask, he should pretend that he didn't know about Bev's affair with Peter—Joe argues with her, saying that Bev told him that it was all lies.
  • Grandma Glad also says that she found Joe's stash of money—eight thousand dollars in all—and brought it in case he needs a lawyer. She can't believe it—Joe had the money to give to Peter this whole time.
  • She realizes that the whole time that Grandma Glad has been talking to Joe, she's never once asked him if he killed Peter.

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