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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

  • Evie enters the lawyer's office and is told that she has to go in alone—Joe can't come with her.
  • The lawyer says that he wants her to attend the inquest tomorrow so that they have a good show of family solidarity for the press; she repeats all that her parents told him to tell her when it comes to their relationship with Peter Coleridge.
  • At the inquest, there are tons of reporters trying to get pictures of the Spooners.
  • Joe is asked a lot of questions, and he puts on his slick salesman shtick—it's obvious that the crowd hates him.
  • Next her mother comes up. She's wearing her hair in a serious bun and has on a prim navy dress. When they ask her questions, she is agreeable and a little ditzy, which makes her seem endearing and guileless. The crowd treats her like a dumb blonde and likes her; she's clearly not smart enough to kill anyone.

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