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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

  • During the lunch break, the lawyer tells the Spooners that they've done well. He also says that one more witness just came forward—Wally. What in the world could he have to say?
  • Wally comes up and says that he walks home on the lake trail every night. One night, he was walking through the grass and he heard something, and then he saw a couple making out against a tree.
  • He says that he recognized Mrs. Spooner based on her blue dress, and that when the guy looked over at him, it was obviously Peter Coleridge. Oh snap.
  • Evie knows what night Wally is talking about—that was the night that Peter kissed her for the first time. But first he'd kissed her mother. (Eww…)
  • He also testifies that Joe was the one who came to Wally's dad looking for a boat to rent. The tides in the courtroom have turned and now they hate Joe and Bev again—they think that they're guilty.

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