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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

  • Back at the hotel, Evie's mom is insisting that she didn't have an affair with Peter, that he made a pass at her that night. Joe is upset because he thinks that he'll be convicted for sure—he's feeling like a dead man.
  • Bev tells Joe that she loves him, and that she's not going anywhere unless he sends her away. He tells Grandma Glad to go downstairs, and tells Bev that from now on, they're going to be a family—just like before the war. They're never going to talk about this again.
  • Joe slams the door and goes outside, and her mom starts to cry. She says that she'll be charged as an accessory to murder, but when she turns to Evie for sympathy, Evie can't respond at all—she can't even look at her mom anymore.
  • That's the night that Evie wakes up and sees her mom smoking in the bed (you know, the night the book opens with back in Chapter 1). Evie lies in bed and goes over all the facts and clues and tries to work out if she can definitively say that Joe killed Peter.
  • She just wants to go home. Their Palm Beach vacation is now absolute garbage.

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