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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

  • On Sunday morning, Evie is headed toward the subway when she sees Ruthie Kalman—that Jewish girl that Margie had picked on so long ago.
  • She tells Ruthie that she wants to hang out sometime—maybe they can go to the record store together. Ruthie looks at the bag in Evie's hand and asks her if she's running away, and Evie says no.
  • Evie goes to a hotel and asks for Mrs. Grayson. She gets sent up to the roof, where she finds Mrs. Grayson sitting outside and painting at an easel.
  • Mrs. Grayson tells Evie that she heard what happened, and that she's sorry for her loss. Somehow, she's the first person to say this to Evie at all; everyone else acted like she shouldn't even grieve because her first love died (along with her sparkling image of her parents).
  • Finally Evie feels like she has the permission to fully grieve. She starts crying and Mrs. Grayson hands her a rag to wipe her face.
  • Then Evie launches into why she's there. She tells Mrs. Grayson about how Joe and Peter took gold from the warehouse in Europe, and says that she has the eight thousand dollars that is left, and that she wants to give it to Mrs. Grayson.
  • Mrs. Grayson says no, but Evie tells her that the money is stolen, and that she should donate it somewhere to Jewish families—she thinks that it's only fair that the Graysons take it.
  • When Mrs. Grayson asks what Joe will do to her, Evie says that he can't do much. After all, her parents owe her too much now—she's sacrificed a lot to keep their family together.
  • Evie goes home, knowing that there will be hell to pay but prepared for it. She knows now that she has a moral compass inside of her that will lead her the right way.
  • She also knows that they will all stay where they are for now, in the same house with the same family, and that she will love her mother, but that she will never want to be her again.
  • Her parents are no longer her heroes.

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