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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  • After Bev (Evie's mom) and Joe got married, they moved in with his mother—even though Joe was going to be shipped overseas for the war.
  • During that time period, Bev got a job at Lord and Taylor selling ties, while Grandma Glad kept a close eye on Bev's schedule and made sure that she was always home on time. What a fun person to live with.
  • Even Evie doesn't have a particularly good relationship with Grandma Glad; she acts like raising her step granddaughter is a huge chore.
  • Evie watches her mother cook dinner and notices her fancy jewelry. Apparently, Joe brought it back from Europe when he returned; her bracelet even has real rubies in it.
  • She hears the sound of Joe's car and runs over to greet him. Even though he's not her real dad, Evie completely adores Joe and is always excited to see him.
  • But when he walks in, he looks tired. She knows that it's been hard for him since the war.
  • Then he sees Evie and hands her his hat so she can put it up. They hug and he goes to give Bev a kiss and embrace her. Evie just watches contentedly—this is what love looks like to her, after all.
  • Grandma Glad breaks the heartwarming family moment by poking her head in and saying that someone called earlier for Joe—another soldier that he knew during the war. Joe immediately gets agitated.
  • Evie sets the table and gets out of the way while Grandma Glad, Joe, and Bev snap at each other. The house is too small for all of them now, and Bev and Grandma Glad are definitely not getting along.
  • Before they sit down for dinner, Joe comes into the doorway and asks Bev if she wants to go on a vacation to Florida—she thinks he's kidding, but he says he's taking them to Palm Beach tomorrow.
  • Because Grandma Glad isn't going, Bev reluctantly agrees to go—even though she's irritated after being around Grandma Glad so much all day. Evie's thrilled; she can't wait to go on vacation with her family.

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