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What I Saw and How I Lied Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • They spend four days on the road, and by the end of it, none of them are talking much and just want to hurry up and get there already. Bev and Joe are irritable and snap at each other.
  • They get to Palm Beach but it looks like all the hotels are boarded up because it's the off-season. Oops—Bev is annoyed because Joe told them that he had a reservation, but that's obviously a lie.
  • Finally they see a hotel called Le Mirage that's still open. They pull up and a bellhop runs up to take Joe's car and they walk inside to the ritzy hotel.
  • Inside, they see a fancy couple wearing glamorous clothing. Bev points out that they're quite an attractive couple—and Evie can hear the approval in her voice.
  • Even though they like the hotel, they soon figure out that no one really comes to Palm Beach in the fall. There are so few guests that they can identify them all after a while.
  • Bev meets the swanky couple—Tom and Arlene Grayson—and they start double dating. In the meantime, Evie spends time in the hotel room and roams around by herself.
  • After a while, she gets kind of bored—but that soon changes very quickly.

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